Georges CAUSSANEL was president of the Free french Association  of Lot until his death in 1958 (1)

As such, he had the opportunity to meet General de GAULLE on several occasions.

(1) -The association (AFL) was dissolved as such on June 18, 2000 and was replaced, out of memory and to continue to convey to younger generations the values of Free France in the Foundation of Free France which had officially seen on June 18, 1994.

Good wishes from General de GAULLE

Extract from a speech by General de GAULLE to the FREE FRENCH gathered at the association's headquarters on April 04, 19

Photo of this meeting where we see Georges CAUSSANEL (1st row behind General de GAULLE and to the right, in the circle)


 FREE FRENCH  are those who joined forces with General DE GAULLE between June 1940 and August 1943 to resist the occupier and participate in the liberation of France.

The FREE FRENCH FORCES fought on various fronts:

the 1st DFL with General de LARMINAT in North Africa, in Libya (against the troops of the Afrika corps of Rommel - 1st BFL with General KOENIG and the battle of BIR HAKEIM), in Italy, then made the landing in Provence and the countryside from France to Alsace.

the 2nd Armored Division with General LECLERC in the Battle of Normandy, then the liberation of Paris, the Vosges, Alsace and the liberation of Strasbourg, in enemy territory, seizes Hitler's "eagle's nest".

the Free French Air Forces (engaged in part in the RAF and then autonomous) in the battle of France (about which CHURCHILL will say, "never should such a large number of men have owed so much to such a small one"), in the Middle East and in Africa, then the landing in Normandy, the battle of Germany (the Normandy-Niemen group fighting with the Russian army). René MOUCHOTTE and Pierre CLOSTERMANN were great figures.

The Free French Naval Forces which participated in various theaters of operations, in the Mediterranean, in the Pacific and in the Battle of the Atlantic, then in the landings in Provence and in Normandy.

The intelligence service or BCRA (Central Intelligence and Action Office) coordinated the interior resistance under the aegis of Jean MOULIN and prepared "the national insurrection" which, with the infiltration of the administration, made it possible to establish, upon liberation. , the government of General de GAULLE in all its legitimacy.

The paratroopers of Free France, who after having fought in North Africa were the first to be engaged in Normandy, in the battle of France, to the Ardennes where they opposed von Runsted's counteroffensive.

The internal Resistance with the intelligence services (BCRA, 2 nd AS office, MUR Intelligence Service, NAP), then Combattante France (including the Free French Forces outside and the internal Resistance), then the FFI (French Interior Forces, bringing together the main resistance movements).


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