My father, Georges CAUSSANEL, thanks to the example he gave me, forged me a solid and precious character.

He transmitted to me, reluctantly, his disease which weakened me a lot from an early age, and from a genetic point of view, heart problems (from which he suffered in addition to tuberculosis) which manifested themselves on the late as far as I'm concerned.

The example of the moral qualities that were part of his personality strongly influenced me as soon as my maturity of mind allowed me to understand and assimilate it, and greatly contributed to forging what I have become.

He had honesty, righteousness, courage, patriotism, honor, justice, will and qualities of heart; it was very precious and beyond the physical problems. He also had faults, like all of us, but which were minimal compared to his qualities.

He was a beautiful person and those who knew him were able to testify to it.

I would like to thank the people who helped me in my research and who supported my approach concerning the development of this site.

In particular, SOLANGE, my wife, for her support and encouragement as well as for the suggestions and for the corrections made.

In priority Mr Georges GUIRAL +, nephew of Paul GUIRAL and his son Alain GUIRAL for their encouragement their support and their friendship.

They provided me with a number of documents and confirmed some stories from my memory.

(Mr Georges GUIRAL +, was the only one to have known almost all the people mentioned in this site).

Mr. André LACOMBE +, who had sent me the journal of Raymond CABRIT, friend and combat comrade of my father, precious writing confirming numerous documents and stories (and for our cordial exchanges).

Madame Martine JACOB-MARTIN who provided me with documents concerning her uncle, Mr. Yvan JACOB (and for our cordial exchanges).

Mr. Pierre FISCHER +, son of Mr. Abel ROUS, who provided me with documents on his father alias "Richard"(and for our cordial exchanges).

Madame Patricia GILLET, who saved me precious time by guiding me in the files of the National Archives.

 I thank Mrs. Brigitte BAREGES, mayor of Montauban, and I am very grateful to her, for having approved and supported the implementation of the project to name a street in the city after my father Georges CAUSSANEL. I also thank Mr. FOISSAC and Mrs. AMOUROUX who took care of the follow-up, as well as Mrs. HERITIER, responsible for the Museum of the Resistance of Montauban for her interest and her work.


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