"On this May 8, 2023, 78 years after the surrender of Germany, commemorating this victory over Nazism is to pay tribute to all the Resistance fighters who, despite the brutal repression, deportations and summary executions, contributed with the Allied forces, by their commitment and their courage, to the victory over Nazi barbarism .... Among these resistance fighters, the municipality wished to pay a special tribute to a local child: Georges Caussanel.
George Caussanel was born in Lacourt Saint Pierre on August 13, 1924. At the age of 16, in September 1940, he joined the resistance under the pseudonym of Mickey
With two friends, at the call of General de Gaulle, he formed a nucleus of the Secret Army and then joined two organizations: the United Resistance Movement and the nucleus of public administrations.
Employed at the prefecture of Montauban, Georges Caussanel had access to a lot of information from the government services, and thus delivered important information to the leaders of his clandestine organization. For example, he provided the plans for the Verlhaguet power plant and the Montbartier gasoline depot, which were in the hands of the German army, allowing them to be bombed by the Anglo-Americans on June 25, 1944.
Assigned to the switchboard of the special police of Montauban, he gives details from the police and the militia concerning the gestapo or the state of the Nazi troops. But also on the operations against the maquis and the leaders of the local resistance. He saved a family from arrest in the vicinity of Négrepelisse whose father was one of the leaders of the secret army.
In spite of the tuberculosis that he learned he had during the winter of 1942/1943, he courageously continued his activities.
Georges Caussanel made many false identity cards and hid at his home, in Verlhaguet, escapees and STO (Service du Travail Obligatoire) refractory soldiers as well as weapons and ammunition.
He established links with the leaders of the resistance in Toulouse as well as with the maquis of the Tarn et Garonne.
During a parachuting operation at Pech Berthier in Montaigu du Quercy, in which he participated as a member of the French Fighting Forces, he was wounded but managed to escape.
The head of the Gestapo in Montauban put a price on his head.
Georges Caussanel took part in the liberation battles, provided liaison and arrested militiamen and collaborators, escorted cars into dangerous territory, was caught in gunfire and shot militiamen.
Despite the care he received after the liberation, his illness worsened and he died at the age of 34 on September 1, 1958.
Georges Caussanel received several distinctions for his commitment and was recognized as having died for France.
By saluting the memory of Georges Caussanel today, May 8th, we pay tribute to all the Resistance fighters, to the 20,000 who died in combat, to the 30,000 who were arrested and shot , and to the 60,000 who were deported to Nazi concentration camps, 30,000 of whom did not return.


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